Recyclable Bags

Aicello Japan enters JV with Narendra Plastic to Manufacture VCI films in India.
BOSELON is a VOLATILE CORROSION INHIBITING (VCI) film commercialized by Narendra Plastic Private Limited in a joint venture with Aicello, having 30+ years of hands-on experience which will provide the best corrosion inhibiting system. The film has gained an unparalleled reputation in the world of corrosion protection.


Itochu Corporation Japan invests in Narendra Plastic
Itochu Corporation, Japan, a conglomerate listed in Fortune 500, with total trading transactions of over US$ 95 billion has bought a 30% stake in Narendra Plastic Pvt. Ltd.


A Passion for Perfection
At our Research & Development Department, our people work overtime to produce just-the-right-blend of polymers required for your functional specifications


Quality is the Group’s credo. Highly trained and motivated personnel monitor Quality Control processes continuously. The dedicated team of QC professionals utilizes the latest technology to test and certify materials & products that meet strict internal quality specifications and adhere to international service level agreements. Quality Control mandates have been certified by the world renowned ISOQAR for ISO9001:2000 processes. Initiatives to obtain various other certifications are under way.

The Government of India has acknowledged the Group’s endeavor for excellence in quality products and services. Narendra Plastic is the consistent recipient of the “Highest Exporter of Plastic Bags” trophy, since 1997! (Eight years in a row)

The Research & Development facility, at Narendra Plastic has competencies in developing end-user friendly products. The team constantly strives to evolve processes and new products that focus on time management and eco-friendly processes.


Garnering Customer Delight through ‘Best-in-Class’ products and services is of cardinal importance to the tenets of the Group. Processes & products have been designed to cater to the end-user’s expectations. The Group believes in fair market practices and punctual delivery of products and services to the esteemed portfolio of Clients. Extensive automation and implementation of cutting edge control systems has enabled the Group to orchestrate orders at short notice irrespective of the volumes involved.

A key area of concern is adhering to the Brand Guidelines of all esteemed clients. The Group has an excellent team of marketing communication professionals, who adhere and implement all the mandates set by the brands. All specifications relating to Corporate color schemes, logo specification and placement is managed internally. Details are finally uploaded into the printing units, post which the automated systems match the coordinates precisely.

The testimonial of the Group’s success is apparent from the enviable list of Global brands that have put their trust for providing packaging products.