Recyclable Bags

Aicello Japan enters JV with Narendra Plastic to Manufacture VCI films in India.
BOSELON is a VOLATILE CORROSION INHIBITING (VCI) film commercialized by Narendra Plastic Private Limited in a joint venture with Aicello, having 30+ years of hands-on experience which will provide the best corrosion inhibiting system. The film has gained an unparalleled reputation in the world of corrosion protection.


Itochu Corporation Japan invests in Narendra Plastic
Itochu Corporation, Japan, a conglomerate listed in Fortune 500, with total trading transactions of over US$ 95 billion has bought a 30% stake in Narendra Plastic Pvt. Ltd.


A Passion for Perfection
At our Research & Development Department, our people work overtime to produce just-the-right-blend of polymers required for your functional specifications


Narendra Plastic is committed to ecology and environment conservation, un-tainted by indestructible trash. Products manufactured by the Group are re-cyclable.

The group has competency to manufacture biodegradable bags and plastic bags that are degradable.

Plastic products per se are not polluting. This is apparent from the excerpts from specialists from the industry.

“Plastic bags don’t litter, people do”

- Megan lane, BBC News Published: 2007/11/01 13:36:59 GMT

“Plastics are lighter than many alternative materials, which translates to a savings in energy use. They have consistently reduced the weight of truck payloads and allowed companies to ship more product in fewer trucks. More than 2.8 million plastic grocery bags can be delivered in one truck. “

“When incinerated in waste-to-energy facilities, plastic bags yield more energy than coal and burn more cleanly as well.”